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3/10 edits/gfx for jongdae's birthday ♥!


3/10 edits/gfx for jongdae's birthday ♥!


#HappyChenDay ♥

And joining my series of crappy graphics, here. Okay, so happy birthday to this incredibly handsome man, who makes me and tons of other people smile, who has the most beautiful voice in the world, the one who has fought to make his dreams come true and now it’s more than an inspiration for me to make my own true as well. Even though we don’t know the real 김종대, thanks for showing us a part of you that will always stay in our hearts, thanks for showing us a bit of what could be a wonderful, funny, loving person, for that and much more, THANK YOU. 생일축하해 우리 사랑하는 김종대♥

#HappyChenDay2014 | ABCs of Kim Jongdae
140921 oohsehun: 펑키첸.종대형 생일축하해 사랑해 형이 짱이야 !!

FunkyChen.Jongdae hyung happy birthday, I love you, hyung you’re the best !!

Happy 23rd Birthday Kim Jongdae! ♥

on a scale of baekhyun to joonmyun, how passionate is your dancing?

happy birthday to a person that is charming, talented, witty and handsome, kim jongdae! celebrate your birthday today, celebrate being happy every day ♡


BaekChen playing around~